MCB Coil winding machine

Acme Electronics have come up with MCB coil winding application upto 3.0mm wire diameter. With different toolings, the coil can be wound within seconds. The enamel removing is to be done manually. Machine can be set with no. of turns and wire diameter.

Voice Coil Winding Machine

ACME Electronics have came up with new application of winding using AEW-5501, 1200RPM machine with some modifications in software and accessories. Voice coil with wet self bonding Cu wire can be used to wind voice coil which dries instantly which is passed through special liquid tank mounted on the wire guide. Tailstock is for instant loading and unloading of coils wound. This machine can wind the voice coil upto maximum 150mm coil diameter.
With special attachment same machine can also wind voice coils with strips.
voice coil winding machine

Acme Electronics